April 2013

Wall Street Journal
Op-Ed: In Praise of Surveillance Cameras
As the number of surveillance cameras deployed by businesses and governments continues to expand, so does the need for surveillance systems that can quickly and accurately identify anomalous behavior. Video analytics technology offered by ObjectVideo and others can increasingly meet this need, and Gordon Crovitz argues that in an age of terror, that’s a good thing.

FBI Boston Bomb Investigation Narrows 2 Suspects
In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, investigators faced the daunting challenge of sifting through mountains of video and photographic data. OV chairman Raul Fernandez explains that advanced video analytics may be employed to facilitate this process, although there are challenges related to image resolution and camera placement.

January 2013

Security Systems News
OV signs Panasonic, does R&D gov't work
The work OV is doing today with the government involves “a lot of indexing [and] image segmentation. It’s the kind of government-sponsored R&D services work that OV did more than a decade ago that led to today’s mainstream analytic technologies (object tracking, object class, tripwire)," [Raul] Fernandez said. This research will propel “next generation innovations” for its government clients, OV and the security industry.
ObjectVideo's patent licensing strategy pays dividends
According to ObjectVideo chairman Raul Fernandez, Panasonic is one of several companies that have reached out to the firm to discuss licensing agreements in the wake of their settled litigation with Bosch and Pelco late last year. Panasonic becomes the eighth company to enter into a licensing agreement with OV.

Security Sales & Integration
ObjectVideo, Panasonic Enter Patent License Agreement
“We continue to see an increased demand for accurate, easy-to-use analytics in the video surveillance sector,” OV chairman Raul Fernandez says. “As an early inventor of such fundamental technologies, ObjectVideo is pleased to offer our partners access to our intellectual property through our licensing program.”
ObjectVideo, Panasonic Enter Patent License Agreement
As part of the agreement, OV has granted Panasonic access to patents relating to broader video and image manipulation, segmentation, video meta data, indexing, search, tripwire and next generation intelligent occupancy sensors.

November 2012

Security Systems News
OV makes peace with another camera manufacturer
ObjectVideo announced today that it's signed a licensing agreement with Pelco, putting to rest the patent infringement lawsuit filed by OV against Pelco. And, on Nov. 14, ObjectVideo announced it had reached "an amicable settlement with Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York.
ObjectVideo ends legal action against Bosch
Just two days after announcing a patent licensing agreement with Pelco, video analytics developer ObjectVideo said that it has also come to terms with Bosch and asked that the U.S. International Trade Commission terminate its proceedings related to the case.

August 2012

Security Systems News
Warren Brown named president of ObjectVideo
Customers are looking for analytics that deliver more intelligent alerts for alarms and certain events, Brown said, such as some classic perimeter analytics. “We have early intellectual property on that … and the analytics have been fine-tuned [to have a much lower false positive rate],” he added.

July 2012

Security Systems News
OV, Vivotek reach agreement
Earlier this year, OV announced that it had signed [patent] licensing agreements with Sony and Tyco’s American Dynamics. OV CEO Raul Fernandez said Vivotek’s decision to do a portfolio-wide agreement speaks to the fact that more and more products will be built with video analytics already onboard or will be video-analytic enabled.

June 2012
ObjectVideo files ITC complaint against Pelco
[ObjectVideo CEO Raul] Fernandez said that the company’s licensing partners expect them to aggressively defend the intellectual property that they have agreed to pay for. "As more companies sign up with us on the IP licensing side, they expect us to enforce our IP because they don’t want to be put at a disadvantage," he said.

Security Systems News
ITC to take up OV vs. Samsung; Bosch next month
[ObjectVideo CEO Raul] Fernandez said the fact that VIVOTEK decided to do a portfolio-wide agreement speaks to the fact that more and more products will be built with video analytics already onboard or will be video-analytic enabled.

Detektor International
The story behind why ObjectVideo sued Bosch and Samsung
"Back in 1999, management didn't think patents were going to be a valuable resource for the future; it was an HR vehicle to help recruit bright people from universities. So, [revenue from patents] was not part of a grand plan at the time, because you don’t go into business thinking other companies will infringe your patents."

March 2012
Four companies to help U.S. intelligence analysts determine the locations of photos and video
The Finder Program aims to build on existing [image and video geolocation] research to augment the analyst's geolocation abilities, such as integrating the analyst's abilities with more specific automated geolocation technologies; fusing open-source data; and expanding automated geolocation technologies to all terrain and large search areas.

February 2012 Buyer's Guide: ObjectVideo's OV6 Video Analytics Software
OV6 video analytics bring improved detection and tracking accuracy, faster performance and easier setup and configuration, thanks to a major science revision of the software's core content analysis engine, which significantly improves target detection, separation, tracking and classification of objects within the video scene.

Security Systems News
ObjectVideo signs licensing agreement
[Raul Fernandez] said after the lawsuit and ITC complaints were filed, OV received "a series of inbound calls from [manufacturers] who wanted to understand our licensing program." He said there are "several negotiations ongoing with manufacturers, but they're not litigation-based negotiations" rather they're manufacturers who have approached OV because "they've looked inward at their technology to see if there is a technology overlap with some of our patents."

Government Security News
In new strategy, ObjectVideo agrees to license its video analytic patents to American Dynamics
ObjectVideo, a software company that has developed numerous video analytic tools which have been protected by more than 40 patents granted worldwide, has launched a sweeping patent enforcement program which employs both the carrot and the stick. "Broadly speaking, little companies are the lifeblood of employment and innovation across the world," Fernandez told GSN.

Security Sales & Integration
ObjectVideo, Sony Enter Into Patent License Agreement
After months of litigation, Sony Corp. has signed a patent license agreement with video analytics provider ObjectVideo (OV). "For us, it's recognition by another global leader in the security space that we have very strong patents around video analytics," OV CEO Raul Fernandez tells SSI. "It's an acknowledgement that our portfolio is valuable enough to enter into a licensing agreement."
ObjectVideo and Sony Reach Agreement
ObjectVideo has asked the US. International Trade Commission to end an investigation into Sony Corporation's alleged breach of patents. The end of the lawsuit against Sony came as ObjectVideo announced that it and Sony had created a patent license agreement regarding ObjectVideo's video content analytics patents. As part of the agreement, the companies "have settled all outstanding claims."
Sony Escapes ITC Probe With Camera Patent Settlement
Sony Corp. and ObjectVideo Inc. told the U.S. International Trade Commission that the companies have resolved allegations that Sony infringed a series of ObjectVideo patents related to video analytics software and systems. The companies said in a joint motion before the trade court that Sony has entered into a licensing agreement with ObjectVideo that brings to a close the company's allegations that Sony imported and sold surveillance cameras and related monitoring products that infringed four ObjectVideo video analytics patents.

Security Systems News
ObjectVideo makes headway with licensing
OV announced on Feb. 8 that it and Sony "settled all outstanding claims" and that Sony had signed the licensing agreement. That announcement came one week after OV announced a licensing agreement with American Dynamics, which was not among the companies sued by OV. CEO Raul Fernandez declined to comment on the pending lawsuit, but he said the agreement with American Dynamics is the first of what he expects to be several similar agreements.

December 2011

Security Products
Real World Opportunities
Historically, there were two things you could do with surveillance video - watch it or record it to watch later. Video analytics changed all that. The range of video analytics functionality [today] can include identification, behavioral analysis and situational awareness.

November 2011
OnBoard Intelligent Analytics for Ragile's RVS Video Management System
Widely deployed for many well-known end users in China, RVS is a very flexible and scalable video management system (VMS) platform which can support thousands of video feeds; the RVS integration that includes patented ObjectVideo technology is with the RVS Expert and RVS Maximum versions. Ragile has selected ObjectVideo as its sole analytics supplier.
IMS report: video analytics market to be worth $600m by 2015
This is one finding from a recently published IMS Research report entitled "The World Market for Video Content Analysis (VCA) in Security & Business Intelligence Applications." It forecasts that the market for video surveillance devices with chargeable VCA will be worth almost $600 million in 2015. A clear divide will emerge between free lower-end applications [like video motion detection] and chargeable higher-end applications.

October 2011

SeeTec press release
Benefit from innovations in SeeTec 5.4
An additional component is available within the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform which allows a seamless integration of the video system into the processes and workflows of customers. The SeeTec counting suite provides counting of objects or persons within the camera view. Like the SeeTec Analytics product range, it is based on powerful technology from ObjectVideo, all seamlessly integrated into the total solution.

September 2011

NCR Europe press release
NCR and ObjectVideo enhance consumers retail store experience
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global technology company, has launched a consumer experience management solution for retailers in Europe, incorporating video analytics software from market leader ObjectVideo. It is designed to help retailers boost revenues by helping to identify which in-store marketing campaigns work best. NCR and ObjectVideo have entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement which enables NCR to incorporate ObjectVideo analytics technology as a key ingredient of this innovative software.

NCR Europe press release
NCR and ObjectVideo tackle bank crime
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in ATMs for 24 consecutive years, has launched a new ATM and branch security solution for financial institutions throughout Europe that incorporates market leading ObjectVideo video analytics software to create automated alerts for potential security risks. NCR's IPVS (IP Video Surveillance) is already live at a major bank in Italy and pilots are underway at two others. NCR and ObjectVideo have entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement which enables NCR to incorporate ObjectVideo analytics technology as a key ingredient of this innovative software.

August 2011

Security Products
No Limits
The DIGIOP video-based customer counting system to which the article refers contains ObjectVideo's Event Counting Suite as the key software ingredient that produced the significantly higher degree of accuracy over the previous solution. Read more here. The solution is deployed at 220 The Limited stores nationwide.
Startup America Partnership Announces All-Entrepreneur Board and Corporate Sponsors
American Express OPEN, Dell, Intuit and Microsoft Sign On as Sponsors. The Startup America Partnership was launched at the White House in response to President Obama's call to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. The Partnership is bringing together an alliance of major corporations, funders, service providers, mentors and advisors working to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of high-growth enterprises in the U.S.

July 2011
ObjectVideo takes patent suit to U.S. trade court
The ITC is designed for bringing cases by U.S. firms against international importers, and ITC's patent investigations fall under the purvey of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, which prohibits "unfair practices in import trades." "We picked Bosch, Samsung and Sony because all of these products are made abroad and brought into the U.S.," said Fernandez, who added that the company would rather have a business relationship than a contentious legal fight.

Security Systems News
OV looks for quicker resolution with ITC complaint
The analytics maker believes the ITC action will expedite financial settlements. "The ITC was empowered by the Tariff Act in 1930 to be a venue for quick resolution of trade disputes between domestic companies doing business with foreign companies," said Raul Fernandez, chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo. "It's a better venue for a small player. It allows you to expedite the process."
Iain's Top 5: Patent licensing in the surveillance industry
Following Mirasys' recent announcement of a patent licence agreement with ObjectVideo, the surveillance industry looks set to tighten up on patent infringement to protect innovation and drive competition. ObjectVideo is currently taking legal action against Bosch, Samsung and Sony in the US. Whilst patent infringement is widely adhered to in other business verticals, the surveillance industry is relatively new to this concept.

Security Sales & Integration
ObjectVideo Extends Patent Infringement Complaints Against Bosch, Samsung and Sony
The goal of the complaint isn't to put the three international companies out of business, but to gain the proper compensation. "We don't want to shut down business lines," said Raul Fernandez of ObjectVideo. "We just want to be appropriately paid for our innovations and the amount of time and energy that went into developing these patents. We want these parties to come to the table and have an economic dialogue that is similar to one we've had with other parties."

Security Management
ObjectVideo Files Suit With The ITC To Protect Patents
ObjectVideo says the filing was primarily triggered by a call from a manufacturer looking to market similar software. That company wanted to make sure it did not infringe on ObjectVideo's patents, says OV, which led it to wonder if others had not been as diligent.

June 2011
Criminals Caught On Camera Using Bethlehem PD's Wireless Video Surveillance System From Firetide And Let's Think Wireless
This video security network, which covers parks, bridges and high-crime areas, has dramatically improved the city's safety in less than two years. In one of Bethlehem's city parks, dispatchers are aided by ObjectVideo's analytics software to protect a children's water park and public pool. The analytics software works in conjunction with cameras to detect people entering the facilities after hours and alert the police.

A&S International
Video Content Analysis: The Last Mile is Key
Statistics indicated that roughly US$50 million was spent on PC- and server-based video analytics back in 2008, whereas market forecasts for this year and 2012 are estimated at $120 to $140 million. Turning raw video into actionable information is invaluable not only for security purposes, but also for a wide variety of applications to improve operational efficiency.
Lockheed to Help Analyze Data
Lockheed Martin Corporation said it has received a $13 million two-year contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop an automated system for intelligence analysts. Advanced Technology Laboratories will also create and support a sophisticated computing environment to host the system, as well as build a searchable data archive to capture all source data and fused products. Lockheed's ATL has teamed with Autonomous Systems, ObjectVideo; and Georgia Tech Research Institute to manufacture the new intelligence system.
Sony, Samsung Techwin Targeted by ObjectVideo in ITC Patent Case
Sony Corp. (SNE), Samsung Techwin Co. and Robert Bosch GmbH were named in a U.S. trade complaint filed by closely held ObjectVideo Inc., alleging infringement of patents for video analytics software. ObjectVideo claims the companies violate its intellectual property rights and seeks to block imports of their video products, according to a notice posted on the U.S. International Trade Commission's website.

May 2011
IFSEC 2011 exclusive: Mirasys and ObjectVideo to announce patent license agreement
Mirasys and ObjectVideo are set to reveal details of a patent license agreement which will allow Mirasys to use ObjectVideo's patented Video Content Analysis technology - currently in the news as ObjectVideo takes legal action against Sony, Bosch and Samsung. The patent licence agreement will be worldwide, non-exclusive, and royalty-bearing, info4security understands.
Objectvideo and Mirasys agree to technology partnership
Objectvideo, Inc. and Mirasys Ltd have just entered into a patent license agreement at the IFSEC show in Birmingham, UK this week. The licensee, Mirasys, is now able to sell network video recorders (NVRs) that include functionality covered by Objectvideo patents, as well as certain video management software applications which are sold alongside their NVRs as a part of an end-to-end surveillance solution.

April 2011
ObjectVideo sues Bosch, Sony, and Samsung on patent issues
"If you look at other industries, and companies that invest in research, there's no chilling effect [when intellectual property lawsuits occur]. Industries thrive on innovation. Fast moving industries thrive on smaller companies inventing things," said Raul Fernandez. "Instead of chilling the industry, we've already been approached by other companies in the security industry who were interested in a business relationship with ObjectVideo in terms of licensing the company's analytics technology."

Security Systems News
ObjectVideo sues Sony, Samsung, Bosch
While the lawsuit is ongoing, Fernandez said OV "Will continue to innovate; we've launched our ARM platform into the market ... My first goal in life is to sell software to everyone, my second goal is [to ensure that no one] takes advantage of our R&D dollars and innovations." Fernandez said many major companies with deep patent portfolios (OV holds 37 U.S. and international patents and has 46 patents pending) derive significant revenue from licensing their IP.

January 2011

Teradata Magazine
Worth Watching
Though video analytics had its start and much of its early development in security, the technology is quickly making inroads into many other industries as its business intelligence (BI) uses come shining through. Retailers can use video analytics to identify where and when customer traffic is high to streamline the checkout process, deploy workers more efficiently and stock shelves to meet demand.

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