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ObjectVideo’s R&D Services team is one of the premier global research organizations in the fields of computer vision and geo-location. The world of Big Data is upon us, and two of the fastest growing sources of Big Data are Imagery (photos and videos) and GPS locations. Ingesting this data, making sense of it, structuring it, combining it and building the interfaces that make it easy for users to understand, share and make decisions on the data – these are the kinds of problems we work on solving every day.

Building on a 15-year history of pushing the state-of-the-art in Computer Vision, our team of more than 25 researchers and scientists collaborates with other academic thought leaders to tackle the toughest problems our government and commercial clients can throw at us. Building solutions to solve these problems requires more than just a talented team of computer vision scientists (though we have that). To build effective solutions, our team includes leading minds in iOS and Android development, Big Data management, Web and software development, and geo-location.

Research and Development

But we are much more than just a typical research house. Our mandate is and always will be to develop and commercialize innovative technologies. Our ObjectVideo branded Commercial Software is recognized as a global market leader in providing intelligent video analytics to leading IP Camera and Video Management System manufacturers. At the other end of the spectrum, we use our OV Labs brand to package and deliver our technology innovations directly to consumers through an emerging portfolio of iOS and Android Apps.

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