Software Development

ObjectVideo's research and development efforts, unlike those of an academic research center, are focused on practicality and field applications.

Such efforts require a solid foundation of software engineering to design, prototype, and develop state-of-the-art solutions for the next generation of video/imagery and tagging solutions. These solutions include real-time streaming data processing using high-performance computer vision algorithms, mobile and web-based application development, intelligent media indexing and search capabilities, and interactive synthetic video simulations using popular gaming engines.

For the R&D Services Team, development is typically fast-paced and created within small teams. Team members draw upon diverse technologies and skills, from building user interfaces with HTML5/CSS/jQuery and on iOS/Android to Big Data processing with HBase and Hadoop. The resultant solutions seamlessly integrate map, video, still image, and real-time streaming data into a compelling user-experience across tablets, phones and traditional web environments.