As the leader in intelligent video, ObjectVideo offers intelligent capabilities tailored to proactively meet the risk management and market intelligence needs of the banking industry.

Banks already employ CCTV cameras throughout their facilities to monitor drive through teller stations, ATM vestibules, vault access, teller transactions and maintain building security. ObjectVideo intelligently-enabled devices work with existing CCTV systems to provide both business intelligence and real-time surveillance for the safety and security of customers, employees and bank assets.

Asset security/monitoring

Bank vaults and security deposit boxes present special security requirements for monitoring access and protecting the bank customers' valuable assets.

  • Identify entry to secure areas or tailgating without valid system verification (via access control integration)
  • People counting/occupancy capabilities for bank vault
  • After-hours human presence detection
  • Object left behind or taken
  • Vandalism/graffiti
  • Cameras blocked/moved during possible robbery

ATM monitoring

Non-secure ATMs indirectly drive away customers and cause revenue loss. Remote and automated surveillance is essential for the safety and security of customers.

  • People sleeping or loitering in ATM vestibules
  • ATM (skimmer) insertion
  • People loitering in the proximity of an ATM
  • Person loitering at the ATM with no transaction started (w/ATM integration)
  • Vandalism/graffiti
  • Camera tampering

External physical security

Instead of using CCTV only to conduct investigations after an incident, ObjectVideo provides real-time alerting of activities of interest before an incident occurs.

  • People approaching bank/building at night
  • Vandalism
  • People loitering in or near bank branch
  • Vehicles loitering around facility perimeter
  • Camera tampering

Bank operations improvement

Existing bank surveillance cameras can provide important operational data, such as queue lengths, measuring peak traffic, and customer wait times.

  • People counting/traffic throughout the day
  • Queue length, branch traffic, and wait time monitoring
  • Moved camera by teller (camera tampering)