Safety & Security

As a trusted computer vision research and development vendor for numerous government agencies, ObjectVideo has produced and deployed leading-edge security capabilities for the most critical environments. ObjectVideo provides technology to enable a more effective and proactive security posture.

Dams, seaports, energy plants, laboratories, oil & chemical storage, government buildings, military operations all require the best analytic technology available. In the war on terror, ObjectVideo software never rests.

Facility security and access

ObjectVideo provides easy rule creation and streamlined integration tools to effectively monitor entryways and or access points indicating possible break-ins or other unauthorized access.

  • Unauthorized entry through restricted areas
  • Gate monitoring for vehicle size, pedestrian use
  • People or vehicles loitering around facility perimeter
  • Tailgating through secure access doorways
  • People approaching doors after hours
  • Delivery/loading area activity
  • Suspicious objects left behind
  • Objects appearing/thrown into the area
  • Camera tampering

Wide-Area perimeter protection/border coverage

ObjectVideo is the leader in wide-area surveillance of fence lines, property boundaries or other unmarked perimeters. Deployments include portable and mobile devices, as well as central command and control operations.

  • Wide-area perimeter breaches by people or vehicles
  • Detection of potential terrorist activities
  • Critical asset protection
  • Restricted area safety and security
  • Situational awareness for large outdoor environments

Waterside environments

Waterside security challenges include tides, water reflection, wave movement, white caps and wakes. ObjectVideo's advanced analytic capabilities successfully solve all of these issues.

  • Shoreline perimeter intrusion
  • Pier/dock activity monitoring
  • Vessel embarkation/disembarkation activity
  • Waterway monitoring for vessels by speed or size
  • Swimmers in restricted waters
  • Container area monitoring