OV Ready:
Setting the standard for interoperability

Based on XML and open web services standards, OV Ready enables seamless interoperability between ObjectVideo OnBoard-enabled devices and OV Ready-compliant management systems. OV Ready empowers providers of video management systems (VMS)and physical security information management (PSIM) systems to leverage ObjectVideo to deliver expanded compatibility with any ObjectVideo-enabled device, or with devices complying with the analytics specification published by the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA.) The result is a network of intelligent providers that allow system integrators and end customers to pick and choose pre-integrated components that best meet business objectives, while seamlessly taking advantage of powerful ObjectVideo capabilities.

OVready 4C web

The PSIA has approved and adopted a version of the OV Ready protocol as its recommended specification for receiving and displaying analytics alerts across a wide variety of devices and platforms. Over time, this will serve to steadily increase the numbers of devices and video management applications that will be able to easily and effectively use ObjectVideo – or analytics from other providers who choose to integrate to the standard – for full intelligent functionality with a minimum of integration effort.