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ObjectVideo is powerful, field-proven, intelligent software that significantly improves the flexibility and effectiveness of any video surveillance operation. Using patented intelligent technology, ObjectVideo is employed in hundreds of organizations worldwide to enhance security, streamline operations and provide ongoing business intelligence.

Robust science

Through advanced computer vision science, the ObjectVideo software brings an unmatched set of capabilities to many operational challenges, including those in safety & security, retail, banking, education, transportation and gaming. ObjectVideo actively detects, classifies and tracks objects, then immediately generates useful output for a wide variety of situations, including real-time alerts and stored data for business intelligence analysis.


ObjectVideo's industry-leading software is available as a high-value system component through three licensing options:

  •   ObjectVideo OnBoard which enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to embed ObjectVideo analytics into a wide variety of video system devices.
  •   OV6 Analytics Service, which provides a quick-to-market path to implement analytics as part of a server-based hardware or software solution.
  •   Event Counting Suite, available within both licensing options listed above, for users and solution providers interested in realizing the significant business intelligence benefits of video analytics.


ObjectVideo supplies its customers, users and solution providers with a complete set of integration tools for incorporating analytics most effectively within any type of solution, including:

  • OV Ready is ObjectVideo's standards and interoperability program for video management platform providers that enables these applications to automatically integrate with ObjectVideo-enabled devices and other solutions which are OV Ready-compliant.
  • ObjectVideo’s web interfaces come complete and ready-to-implement with your branding and, if necessary, easy modification to fit the specific requirements of your customer.

Training and Support

We are dedicated to providing our partners and software customers with all support services for the successful installation and non-stop operation of the ObjectVideo software, including access to the latest product updates. Telephone, electronic and on-site support are available. Learn more

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