The clear advantages of working intelligent

Advanced technology

Software from ObjectVideo...

Includes the full complement of ObjectVideo's most advanced analytic features such as Forensics, Video TripWire™, directional flow violation, and people counting.

Works effectively with any type of video input (including analog or IP) from devices such as cameras, encoders, and NVRs. Effective in both indoor and outdoor environments, including those considered the most challenging (e.g. rain, fog, low light and nighttime).

Easy to deploy and use

Software from ObjectVideo...

  • Has been designed with a strong focus on usability, making the software easy to install, configure and use.
  • Allows users to quickly create, modify and delete rules using a wizard tool - a web-based interface provided by ObjectVideo directly or through their own OV Ready-compliant video management software (VMS) or physical security information management platform (PSIM).
  • Is field-proven and robust, requiring minimal time to optimal configuration.
  • Is delivered with a strong suite of well-organized and thorough deployment, configuration and user-level documentation.

Scalable and flexible

Software from ObjectVideo...

  • Has a highly optimized software architecture, supporting deployments of high numbers of video analytic channels.
  • In certain types of installations, can support a mix of intelligent ObjectVideo OnBoard-enabled devices and OV6 Analytics Service server-based software installations.
  • Provides all the required tools and APIs, including the OV Ready XML-based intelligent network protocol, for seamless integration with a variety of third-party applications enabling solution providers to easily build customized, intelligent video solutions.