Licensing OV technology into your solution

ObjectVideo is a powerful, field-proven, intelligent software product that significantly improves the flexibility and effectiveness of any video surveillance system.

ObjectVideo has an unmatched set of capabilities that apply advanced computer vision technology to fulfill security requirements, overcome operational challenges and provide valuable business intelligence data.

Utilizing patented technology, ObjectVideo detects, classifies and tracks objects in real-time, then generates alerts when user-defined rules are violated, creating an easily searchable repository of stored information about those events. Alerts can be broadcast automatically via e-mail, mobile device and/or to the user's chosen video management platform user interface.

ObjectVideo technology can be integrated or embedded as a high-value component of one of the following programs:

  • onboard 4c icon ObjectVideo OnBoard is ObjectVideo's original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) and total solution provider's program for delivering the industry's leading analytics as an embedded technology within video system devices such as cameras, encoders and DVRs.
  • OV6 icon OV6 Analytics Service is a server-based video analytics software offering designed to enable a more turnkey-style implementation of one or more video analytics processes within network video recorders (NVR), video management systems (VMS), physical security information management (PSIM) platforms and other enterprise PC-based applications and hardware.
  •  Event Counting Suite – ObjectVideo also provides a comprehensive set of counting and reporting capabilities for business intelligence and data-gathering. The ability to understand how many of a certain object is present at a given time allows users a dramatically greater ability to manage the operation most effectively.

How to buy OV

Engage! Based on your industry, specific requirements, budget and existing infrastructure, we can help you benefit from intelligent video now.