OV6 Analytics Service

The OV6 Analytics Service is an all-in-one software bundle specifically designed to enable the solution provider to quickly and easily deploy the industry's leading intelligent video technology on an existing Windows-based video system or a new system or both.

OV6 Analytics Service has an unmatched set of capabilities that apply advanced computer vision technology to fulfill security requirements, overcome operational challenges and provide valuable business intelligence data.

OV6 analytics-service

Functional Packages Available with OV6 Analytics Service  

ObjectVideo automatically detects a wide range of events and activities, including perimeter breaches, loitering, object removal, abandoned objects - for surveillance or for business intelligence-gathering. Utilizing patented technology, the software generates alerts when user-defined rules are violated and creates a searchable repository of information about each event. OV6 Analytics Service works effectively within any existing video infrastructure and with any type of video feed. Security alerts can be broadcast to a variety of devices or to a web-based interface to designated individuals or groups when predefined rules are violated.

OV6 Analytics Service is also available with the ObjectVideo Event Counting Suite, which includes robust counting and reporting capabilities for business intelligence, data-gathering and, over time, dramatically increased operational effectiveness.

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